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Wanted: Legitimate Work at Home Jobs Need Employees!
New Job Board Connects People for Jobs, Part-time and Flexible Work Schedule

--written by Susan Smith

Summary: Are you a mother wanting to return to the job market but would love to find legitimate work at home jobs? Maybe you're a caregiver who needs to work but is looking for a more flexible work schedule. Or maybe a Baby Boomer not wanting to retire but preferring jobs, part-time instead of a full-time position. Whoever you are and whatever your situation, NeedleStack Jobs can connect you and your valuable experience with just the right employer.

Let's face it...times aren't what they used to be...Long gone are the days where dad brought home the bacon and mom took care of the home and kids. Personally, I'm glad those times are in the past...I love the fact that women now have the choice of a career, being a mom, or both.

But this freedom of choice comes at a price. Families are being stretched (and stressed) to the limits. Increasingly, working parents are getting more and more responsibilities but little or no help to ease the "pain."

Work from home online Work from home

Yes, times have changed but unfortunately very little has changed at the office. Despite all the technology advances and the relative seamlessness experienced by "plugging in" from home, corporations have been slow to embrace more flexible work schedules. But that's about to change. The US economy now runs 24/7, and staffing is needed around the clock. Also, demographics in the next few years show a decrease in working Americans. So professional, flextime working arrangements will soon be a required part of the US economy. Corporations will have no choice.

Legitimate Work at Home Jobs Part-time, Full-time, Flex-time

So that's why Carol Clark and partner Kathleen Wiant founded NeedleStack Jobs. According to the founders, "We all need more time because life is complex: family, meaningful work, personal time, volunteer activities, keeping healthy, contributing to our communities. Needlestack Jobs by offering professional, flextime jobs allows us to perform purposeful work as well as participate in the other important facets of our lives."

For more about NeedleStack Jobs and how it connects professionals with legitimate work at home jobs, part-time positions and other flexible job opportunities, please take a look at the following iClipTM.

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