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Local Search Small Business Marketing Consultant – #1

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kudos to the search engines for dropping a great business right in your lap. Starting an online business has now just become a much easier proposition as a small business marketing consultant.

“Huh?” you say. “What?” you ask.

Well, if you read my blog post Google Goes Loco, Oops, I Mean Local on All Searches you’ll know that since April of 2009 Google has been serving local results  with its search results. You see from its own research Google has discovered that 70% of its searches is done with local intent. That means 70% of the time people are searching Google, they are looking for products or services from “local” businesses. Since Google wants to stay on top as the #1 Search Engine, the people at Google decided that they better make provisions for local business search results…so voila, Local Search was born. By the way, Bing and Yahoo followed suit with their own local search results, as well… >> read more


One Response to “Local Search Small Business Marketing Consultant – #1”

  1. Julianna Muller says:

    I am need of financing for my start up business, Hun Valley Vineyard & Winery. LLC. I need $250,000 to start. Any ideas where I can find a serious investor.Not feasible at this time to go through the SBA loan process.

    Thank you, Julianna Muller

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