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how we make money and select our partners

How we make money disclaimer

A different kind of disclaimer because we’re a different kind of organization 🙂

We take a different approach than most when it comes to funding our business.

Today, it’s not unusual to visit a website cluttered with ads, taking forever to load, and when the last  ad finally loads, it covers the content you’re interested in reading. Not a good user experience, but that’s the advertising-based revenue model used by many businesses online.

We don’t do that.

Our mission inspires us to develop a different revenue model, one that puts the needs of our community first. We do this by partnering with brands that want access to our growing community, and most importantly, offer great products and services that help individuals and businesses.

You might say it’s a win-win-win where 1) the offer helps individuals and businesses thrive, 2) our partner benefits from those using its product or service, and 3) we are paid a nominal commission for making the introduction.

While most of our content is not directly monetized, when we do have a post that includes partners, we let you know with a disclosure at the top of the post. If you don’t see a disclosure, that means we didn’t earn money from that piece of content.

Sometimes people ask why we include links to brands or companies who aren’t partners. Well, that answer is simple: we believe that you benefit from that link.

How we select our partners disclaimer

We select the advertisers with whom we want to work.

We want advertising partners to align with our mission – to leverage technology so that individuals and businesses thrive by focusing on what is important to them, aligning resources to optimize performance and minimize waste, then measuring what matters, making course corrections, as needed.

Before we commit to an advertiser relationship, we research the company, its brand, products and services. If an advertiser’s service or product won’t be useful to our community, it’s not a fit.

Many of the brands we work with offer a free service or trial period so that you can try before you buy and/or a money back guarantee so that you can be sure that the product will benefit you. Because individuals and businesses are different, not every product or service will be a fit, but we want to be sure that the brands you select are.

Thanks for trusting us.

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