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Susan SmithHi, I’m Susan Smith, and I’m the driving force behind Wired For Work. My passion is leveraging technology to help individuals and businesses thrive by focusing on what is important, aligning resources to optimize performance, then measuring what matters, making course corrections, as needed. The overall process is driven by metrics to solve problems, improve performance and achieve goals, utilizing a number of tools including OKRs and KPIs.

I started my career as a corporate industrial engineer working on process improvement for manufacturing facilities. After getting an MBA, I moved from the technical and operations side of business to the commercial, which eventually led to partnering with the US Small Business Administration for a 10-city nationwide conference tour for female entrepreneurs.

After that I took on the role of entrepreneur, heading up a web design and internet marketing firm and co-founding two junior rowing clubs. Recently, I managed the domestic operations for USRowing, a 75,000 member national organization, stepping in twice as CEO during challenging times for the organization. My experience has spanned corporate, small business, entrepreneurial, non-profit and National Governing Body (NGB) environments.

I am among many who have led businesses through the pandemic and are here to say that our businesses were stronger for it. We were forced to rethink our business models, focus on the basics, and do it with limited resources. From my personal experience, I can also say that we would not have been successful without our digital arsenal, the support of our stakeholders and the discipline of following the process FOCUS – ALIGN – MEASURE – TWEAK.

Which brings me full-circle to the reason for creating Wired For Work…to help individuals and other businesses thrive by utilizing digital technology together with effective goal-setting and performance management processes. We’ll be exploring OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and how they work with KPIs to ensure resource alignment and work together to monitor performance. But you’ll need to start with FOCUS first.

On the personal side, I’m a proud mom to Nathan, wife to the nicest person I know, Barry, and member of a pack which currently includes Indy (Australian Shepherd), our beloved Bella (Great Pyrenees) who just recently passed and Satchmo, our 18-1/2 year oldcat, who actually runs the Smith household 🙂

My Digital arsenal

Throughout my career I've been an early adopter of technology especially that which enhances communication and collaboration, improves productivity, and/or offers a unique digital solution. Following you'll see the various platforms and software that makes up my digital toolbox. Some may fall into two or more categories, which is a great bonus because they are helpful on multiple levels. You'll also see competing software brands that are similar and wonder why I don't pick a favorite. Basically, it comes down to organizational needs and fit. For more information on tools of the trade, click here.



These digital tools help to automate and/or scale communication to the masses including email, websites, training and more. Click for details...



Automate the mundane by connecting apps, automating workflows, using sales (CRM) and marketing automation platforms, and more. Click for details...


coordinate & collaborate

These tools keep everyone on track whether it’s managing projects, tracking OKRs, team messaging, or managing your next event. Click for details

Other unique digital tools

unique digital solutions

Unique tools for a special need includes comprehensive business bundles, surveys, ecommerce, finance and accounting, LMS and more. Click for details...

from my bookshelf

Following are some books I have “read” recently and have influenced my thinking on this work, my family and life. To clarify, these days I actually listen to the books during an early morning walk, then buy the used book online to highlight the parts I want to remember. Some of my recent favorites include –

  • Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones – James Clear
  • Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results – 2nd edition by Christina Wodtke
  • Nudge: The Final Edition: Improving Decisions About Money, Health, and the Environment by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein
  • The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less by Richard Koch (2nd reading of this book) 
  • Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Alan Eagle
  • Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead – added bonus was an autograph by author Laszlo Boch in this used book 😉
  • Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs by John Doerr
  • No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer
  • The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckart Tolle (2nd reading of this book)

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