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Priorities and Tools
SMBs accelerating technology

Acceleration of Tech

In the fifth edition of the Salesforce “Small and Medium Business Trends” report, it’s clear that more and more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are embracing digital solutions and many are accelerating the process, convinced their survival depends on it. The survey was conducted online by The Harris Poll for Salesforce in June/July 2021 and included esponses from more than 2,500 SMB owners or senior executives at businesses with 200 or less employees and annual revenues less than $1 billion (US dollars).

Tools of the Trade

The 2018 Connected Small Businesses in the US study, conducted by Deloitte and commissioned by Google, surveyed more than 2,000 small businesses (those with fewer than 250 employees) and found that there were huge gains associated with adopting digital tools. Click here for important digital tools that small businesses may consider as part of their digital toolkit, many of which offer a free option.

Tools of the trade

Top 5 SMB Tech Solutions

Want to know what digital tools and technology software small and medium businesses are using to run their businesses? The Top 5 hasn’t changed compared to last year but their ranking has. Most growing small and medium-sized businesses (71%) say their business survived the pandemic because of going digital. What’s changed and why?

Top 3 Tech Priorities

SMBs are investing in technology, but what is it that they are prioritizing? You may be surprised to discover that it’s different for growing businesses vs. stagnant or declining businesses. In 2019, when Salesforce asked 2,000+ small and mid-sized business leaders what their top three priorities for their techology budget was, they responded – 1) Customer relationship management (CRM) system, 2) Financial software, and 3) Hardware.

Top 3 tech priorities

Our Digital Technology Arsenal

As digital consultants, we've been an early adopter of technology especially that which enhances communication and collaboration, improves productivity, and/or offers a unique digital solution. Following you'll see the various platforms and software that makes up our digital toolbox. Some may fall into two or more categories, which is a great bonus because they are helpful on multiple levels. You'll also see competing software brands that are similar and wonder why we don't pick a favorite. Basically, it comes down to organizational needs and fit. For more information on tools of the trade, click here.

Digital Consultants - Communicate


These digital tools help to automate and/or scale communication to the masses. Click for details...

Digital Consultants Automate


Automate the mundane by connecting apps, automating workflows and more. Click for details...

Digital Consultants Coordinate

Coordinate & Collaborate

These tools keep everyone on track whether it’s managing projects, team messaging, and more. Click for details

Digital Consultants - Other unique digital tools

Unique Digital Solutions

Tools for a special need includes comprehensive business bundles, surveys, LMS and more. Click for details...

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