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Small business Resources

Bonus info for small & medium-sized businesses

Small & Medium Business (SMB) Reports


  • Digital Online Tools (2018) – this shows 80% of small businesses are not taking advantage of the digital tools they have access to. Instead, the top 20% who leverage digital technology, enjoy overwhelming benefits to businesses .
  • Growing SMBs Embrace Technology (2021) – In addition to accelerating tech investments, growing SMBs are more likely than stagnant or declining ones to leverage digital technologies. These technologies include customer service software, email marketing software, and e-commerce software. Project and collaboration tools saw the largest adoption rate. Increasing in recent years, around 60% of growing SMBs now use CRM, email marketing, ecommerce and collaboration software.
  • Goal-Setting – OKRs, KPIs and Budgets  – By implementing a methodology of OKRs and KPIs, businesses are establishing a clear focus and aligning resources on what’s important. They aim to make teams results-oriented and take ownership in moving the business ahead through continuous improvement.


  • Andy Grove video on OKRs – short video of former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove, explaining OKRs to a roomful of engineers (2:30 min.).
  • John Doerr video on OKRs Measure What Matters author talks with MIT’s Donald Sull. Doerr explains the benefits of OKRs and why companies need to focus on setting the right objectives (27:11 min.).
  • Google Ventures OKR video – Rick Klau of Google Ventures shared  this video in 2013 on how they set goals with OKRs at Google Ventures. This video unintentionally became a leading resource on OKRs at 1.1M views. In 2-17 Klau made updates to his video via a tweetstorm which you can find here (1:21 hr.).
  • Connecting Small Businesses Research Livestream – In the Connecting Small Businesses study (2018), Google commissioned Deloitte to conduct research to better understand why small businesses aren’t using digital tools. This livestream showcases the internal dividends and perceived benefits from using digital tools. It shows where small businesses were using tools and the barriers causing them not to use them more  (52:15 min.).


  • Power Words Report – This is a tool I access ALL THE TIME for social media or email marketing. John Carlton is a master of his copywriting craft.

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